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We have added this guestbook where you can enter your own comments and others can also view them.

Please let us know your comments, suggestions, etc.



Unfortunately, the hosting company no longer is providing support for this guestbook software, so we have been forced to go with another, newer version. Actually, you may have seen it on the first page before you clicked to view the Home Page. You can still view the entries here but you cannot submit new ones. If you would like to add something to the NEWEST guestbook, click the Guestbook link on the Front Page


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Note: Entering your email address here is completely optional.

Be aware, however, that this page is unprotected and anyone can come here and view the information contained on it.

If you wish to have your entry removed, please contact me, Jim Sanfilippo, and I will take care of it.


Note: Since the last guestbook we had, they have added some security measures. You now have to enter a verification code which is displayed in front of you. That prevents those malicious little hacker "robots" from going around and adding unauthorized comments. You also cannot add more than one comment every 10 minutes, another way to prevent spammers from adding things electronically. Hopefully we can enjoy this again without being annoyed by unwanted visitors.