25th Reunion (1988)

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Charlie Bambino, John Rizzo

Linda Miskevich

Group Photo

Tom Ivancich, Joe Szkutnik

Lou Gerbino, Tim Malone, Charlie Bambino

Sandra Montecalvo, John Rizzo, Linda Miskevich

Lou Gerbino, Linda Miskevich


Greg Zaccario

Joe Szkutnik

Charlie Bambino

Gomez Twins

Sandra Montecalvo

Sister Joseph Anthony


Ellen Lovett


Greg Zaccario, Sandra Montecalvo, Linda Miskevich

John Adams & Wife

Mike Caldwell & Wife

Gail Gough

Linda Miskevich, Sandra Montecalvo


Steve Magno & Wife


Nat Bertrami & Wife

Sister Joseph Anthony, Greg Zaccario & Wife